One of the best things about Gen Z is our attitude to saving the environment. If we don’t look after Earth, there is no planet B! Hub makes it super easy to live more sustainably. Here are just a few small changes you can make today — they won’t make much difference to your life, but they’ll make a huge difference to your carbon footprint.

Power down

Hearing your mom shout “turn that light off!” was frustrating as a kid, but she did have a point. Lights use a lot of power because 90% of their energy gets lost through heat. All Hub’s properties are kitted out with energy-efficient electrics, heating, and plumbing. The buildings are also cleverly insulated, so you can adjust your thermostat without making yourself uncomfortable (studying and shivering is NOT a vibe).

Eat your greens

Meat production is a massive contributor to climate change, so reducing the amount you eat will send a powerful message that you’re not going to accept horrifying emissions. Our food truck Fridays have lots of tasty plant-based options, but if you’re craving something else, check out the local eateries. In Columbia, Hub’s around the corner from the Good Life Cafe, a vegan cafe that serves all the student classics. Cruelty-free chili cheese fries and quesadillas, anyone?

Wash smart

Inside your Hub utility room, you’ll find modern washers, dryers, and dishwashers. Look out for the eco setting, which uses less power and water when you do your laundry (or the dishes you’ve been putting off). If you live in one of our hotter locations, you could even hang your towels over your private balcony to dry. That’s one way to soak up the sun.

Walk this way

Part of the reason you chose to live at Hub are our awesome, pedestrian-friendly locations. But did you know that many properties also have in-unit bike storage? Enjoy the freedom pedal power gives you; it’s free, low-carbon, and totally Covid-safe!

Reuse and recycle

Waste is bad for the environment, but also, your soul. We hate it too, so Hub is combating waste by making it easy to reuse and recycle. Sort your trash with our recycling initiatives, or leave your unwanted items with us when you move out (eventually). We’ll make sure it finds a new lease of life — and yes, pun absolutely intended.

Want to learn more ways to take care of your neighborhood? Check out this post on showing your community some love. <3

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