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Event Planner

The Event Planner organizes select Lifestyle events. Their goal is to create opportunities for people to authentically connect, rather than situations that feel forced or disingenuous. High attendance is key to the Event Planner’s success. They use their own network and creativity to build excitement for Lifestyle events, create new event partnerships, and execute events that promote Core properties and our partners.

Social Media Mogul

The Social Media Mogul is responsible for curating social media content and managing marketing initiatives at their property. Using a variety of marketing tactics, the SMM will promote Lifestyle events, programming, and services to Core residents and encourage participation in their community.

Business Development Manager

Core Spaces is looking for the future small business owner, the serial entrepreneur, the team captain, the mini-CEO, the one that wants to learn how to manage a team. Want to understand how to run your own operation, your own business? Our Business Development Managers (BDMs) are college students on a fast track to learning everything from evaluating talent and building a complementary team, to customer acquisition and understanding key performance indicators that make a business successful. This person will hone all the skills of a Business Development Representative (BDR) and more. The BDMs are so much more than just managers of their teams, they are leaders tasked with encouraging and inspiring their members to always want more!

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Business Development Assistant Manager

Core Spaces is looking for people that are constantly curious, persistent, and ready to work. Interested in learning the ins and outs of how to lead sales and marketing teams, and how to run them efficiently? Our Business Development Assistant Managers (BDAMs) are the operations-minded go-getters who keep the “lights on” and support the Business Development Manager to ensure they have the support needed to accomplish tasks and own the team's performance. The BDAM works alongside in the background making sure the team runs as efficiently as can be. This role will hone all the skills of a Business Development Representative (BDR) and more!

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Business Development Representatives

Our Business Development Representatives (BDRs) are the front line of our sales and marketing push at each property. As our property management team tours prospects, closes leases, and operates the asset, the BDRs are out in the field sourcing leads, networking with the major market partners and crafting partnership opportunities for the Core brand. They are the brand builders, problem solvers, and the go getters. Using your network is important to be successful in this role. Whether you are involved in a student club, start-up, or athletic team, utilizing your contacts will be necessary to build a profitable sales platform to funnel in leads.

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Fitness Instructor

The Fitness Instructor leads Lifestyle wellness programs. They are responsible for teaching group fitness and/or meditation classes throughout the month to encourage residents to live healthy lifestyles, physically and mentally. Creating original, engaging workout or wellness regimens is encouraged, but the character and content of classes is up to the Fitness Instructor.


The DJ has a critical role in creating the Lifestyle vibe. They are responsible for playing music and setting an energetic tone at events. Specifically, the DJ is responsible for curating playlists, renting sound equipment, outlining event schedules, as well as promoting and MC’ing events.

Community Concierge

The Community Concierge helps manage the day-to-day operations of the our leasing offices. They are responsible for prospect tours, prospect follow up, marketing activities, resident retention efforts, and overnight on-call duties. The Community Concierge may also be asked to handle other clerical or office work as needed.

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