Every semester we welcome new friends to the Hub on Campus family. Part of what makes Hub on Campus so special is our commitment to each resident’s opportunity to thrive.

Wanna see if your new neighbors will be thrilled (or not) when they realize they share the space with you?

Take the Good Neighbor Quiz! 


Pick the answer that closely matches how you’d react in a given situation, tally your answers, and then read your results at the bottom of the quiz. 

What kind of Hub neighbor are you?


1. A new neighbor moves into the apartment next door. You:

a. Wave hi, introduce yourself and offer to help them find anything.

b. Avoid eye contact and/or hide when you hear him in the hall.

c. Try to convince him that, sorry, but it’s the newest neighbor’s job to clean your bathroom.

2. Your upstairs neighbor is playing music too loud while you’re trying to study. You:

a. Knock on their door or send them a message to politely ask if she can use headphones.

b. Seethe and suffer silently.

c. Kick-off a Battle of the Bands-style contest by turning your music up even louder.

3. COVID recommendations discourage social gatherings in small spaces, such as student apartments. BUT you got invited to a party on the 5th floor.  You:

a. Politely decline, and mention to the hosts that the building could suffer a loss of services (no more yoga!!!) if a COVID outbreak occurs.

b. Avoid the party, but otherwise mind your business.

c. Assemble your famous 7-layer dip, post the party on social media, and get ready to mingle.

4. Pick who’s most likely a really good neighbor...

a. Mr. Clean

b. The Invisible Man

c. Lord of the Dance

5. Why are good neighbors important?

a. Good neighbors promote a positive community atmosphere, a way to make friends and a welcoming environment for new tenants.

b. People want to live somewhere where they don’t have to worry about anyone else and no one bothers them.

c. Good neighbors mean more people to party with!


Answer Key:


Mostly As: Put us on the “Your Neighbor Waiting List.”

Huzzah! You’re the ideal neighbor.  Friendly, thoughtful and fun. Let us know when there’s an opening on your floor, k? Keep sharing that positivity!

Mostly Bs: Don’t be shy, we’re all in this together!

First time away from home? You might be feeling timid about voicing your needs. Healthy communication can look like waving hello AND asking a neighbor to keep it down while you’re studying. It also looks like politely responding to reasonable requests--like those asking you to give your late-night tap-dancing routine a rest.

Mostly Cs: There’s a pandemic out there, people.

Of course, your college experience should be filled with laughter, music and friends. But even without the additional concern of COVID-19, college is also time to invest in your future, in relationships, and in skills that will serve you well for the rest of your life. We all have to deal with the realities of COVID-19, buy by prioritizing your wellness along with the health and community of your neighbors, you’re on the path to an epic year no matter what 2021 throws your way.

♥ And last, but not least, here are 4 tips that help turn those new neighbors into friends ♥

  1. Introduce yourself early on.
  2. Speak or wave to them in passing.
  3. Invite them to an open social/resident event.
  4. Try to find common interests to share or talk about.


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