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Why did you come to college? To study a subject you’re passionate about, to meet new people, and enjoy new experiences. But most importantly, you want to set yourself up for a dazzling career. At Hub on Campus, we’ve worked hard to ensure that you can actually become who you wanted to be when you grew up (well, when you graduate, anyway). Here are five ways we can help you achieve those dreams.

Employability Events

So you’re staring at a blank laptop screen, trying to create an eye-catching resumé, or procrastinating on the cover letter you’ve been meaning to write all week. We know what a drag applying for jobs can be, and we’d love to help.

All our locations run regular workshops and events (virtual and in-person) that are designed to help you start your career. Whether that’s figuring out what you want to do after college, crafting a kick-ass resumé, or making an impression at the all-important job interview, there’s a useful event for everyone.

Work For Us

Speaking of jobs, want to pick up an array of transferable skills, have fun AND make a few dollars? Work with us! Hub on Campus has a ton of job opportunities that’ll really boost your professional skills with real-world experience. Our event planners, ambassadors and social media moguls learn vital digital and interpersonal skills, while our fitness instructors build their teaching and public speaking talents — you can even be a DJ. Yup, you read that right.

We also offer incredible internships. Here’s a position our ambassadors can apply for right now. You’ll be working in the company’s dynamic marketing team, at the heart of all the action. You’ll conduct market research, launch new brands, and even train fellow students to follow in your footsteps.

Socially Network

Literally any one of your neighbors could be a valuable professional connection. Take the elevator down to our Executive Business Centers and co-working spaces, and you might meet one of the great minds of tomorrow. Talk to another student about the project they’re working on, or ask how their internship is going. College is the only place you’re likely to meet so many brilliant people in one space, so be sure to nurture those relationships. Nowhere is that easier than in your student accommodation!

If networking intimidates you, don’t worry. We run events that’ll give you the know-how you need to strike up a convo with a complete stranger, or find an inspiring mentor.

Career Service Partnerships

You’ve probably already been to the careers service at your college, but it never hurts to get extra help. Hub partners with other careers centers, so you can access coaching resources, find out about internships in your area, or even land a full-time job after graduation.

Discover awesome internship opportunities you didn’t even know were possible. Or, seek advice from a pro about getting into even the most difficult industry. The best thing? You don’t even need to step outside the building to benefit from all that wisdom.

Get a LinkedIn Headshot

So you’ve gone to one of our events and mastered writing the perfect  resumé/LinkedIn/application form. But your profile pic is a casual shot of you on a family vacay, and you’re worried it sends the wrong message to potential employers. You want to look the part, as well as sound it.

Luckily, Hub on Campus regularly arranges free professional photoshoots in each of our properties. The photographer will show you how to strike a power pose and handle the all-important lighting, so just wear your most profesh blazer, add a confidence-boosting hairstyle, and you’re ready to slay.

Get involved with Hub on Campus, and start your professional journey right here, right now.

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