It might be George Washington’s birthday, but the first President has gifted you three full days to kick back. Yet in the middle of a pandemic, when every day feels a little too same-y, a long weekend might not feel so special. Although you can’t do the things you’d normally do, Hub on Campus isn’t going to let this well-deserved holiday slip away from you.

Community and wellness are just as important to us as they are to you. We want you to continue making college memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime. From self-care tips to safe and socially-distanced activities, Hub wants to help you get the max out of your 3-day weekend.

Holiday with your Hallmates

Now is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with your apartment buddies. The extra vacay day this weekend means you have one more night to enjoy — so make it one to remember by organizing a Zoom movie marathon, games session, or a surprise ingredient-inspired cook-off. Or all three in one.

Living at The Hub on Campus means you’re well equipped to host pretty much any stay-at-home activity you can think of, with our designer kitchens, cozy couches, and HD television all coming as standard. You’ll also find some themed food truck and craft pop-ups this weekend. Go to our Instagram to discover what’s happening in your building!


Take advantage of the Presidents’ Day sales to grab the decorations, furniture, and trinkets that’ll make your place feel like home. We’re talking posters, twinkly lights, coasters, cushions — anything else you can find in Home Depot or Target (and stay safe—choose curbside delivery). A little interior design might help you forget about the pandemic for a few hours.

Don’t want to do it all by yourself? Head to Zoom and ask your friends back home for their opinion on that colorful rug you’ve been eyeing.

One of the best things about living at Hub on Campus are our convenient, central locations, so you’re never too far away from a shop to pick up supplies.

Phone Home

If you’d usually spend this time with family and friends from back home, it’s natural that you’ll miss them. But remember, they’re just a call away. Even if you only phone them to see what your dog is up to, or to make sure your younger sibling hasn’t taken over your room, getting in touch with folks you haven’t spoken to in a while can work wonders for your state of mind.

Our high-speed WiFi throughout all Hub properties means you’ll be able to video chat with friends and family all over the world, without worrying about buffering, lagging, or the dreaded moment your screen freezes on a funny face.

Chill Out

Maybe your ideal 3-day weekend is simply taking the time to do you. Treat yourself to exactly what you feel like, whether that’s catching up on Netflix, going on a gaming binge, or filling your bathroom with candles and bath bombs.

Many of our Hubs offer an awesome array of chill-out zones, from saunas to rooftop swimming pools. Meditate in one of the regular yoga classes sponsored by Hub, or hit the gym and work off the stress. It’ll help you feel refreshed and revitalized, ready to take on another week. We’d say that’s a 3-day weekend well spent.

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