It’s challenging to be a student in the best of circumstances, so when the world throws you a curveball—like a global pandemic, for instance—it’s more important than ever to reach out to your support network and plug into your community. At Hub, Community is part of our mission—we believe in investing in every city we call home and are committed to adding value to the communities we serve. So whether you’re needing an emotional boost or are trying to find ways to give back to your neighbors, Hub is here to help.

It Starts With You

Getting involved in giving back to your community is a noble pursuit, but it’s just as important to tackle any personal struggles, anxiety, or uneasiness when times are tough. Self-care is a huge spectrum, including everything from taking a long shower, to hitting up a yoga class, to talking with a therapist—it may take time to find the de-stress method that works best for you.

To help you along the way, Hub is giving away 500 1-year subscriptions to Headspace so that you can take some time to focus on yourself. And although it can be easy to feel isolated during these times, Hub is devoted to fostering connections from the inside out with social and professional networking platforms, as well as events.

Better Together

Does creating positive change in the lives of others sound like a form of self-care? It should! Helping those around you is a great way to gain a sense of control and well-being while focusing your energy on a meaningful cause.

As part of the Hub community, you’re automatically a member of a supportive network that wants to help you grow while also providing opportunities for you to give back to your city. Both Hub on Campus properties in Lexington, KY, are offering their residents community reward points when they show their registration to fundraise for DanceBlue, an effort that supports the Kentucky Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic. Plus, Hub on Campus is constantly exploring partnerships with local organizations to help create or expand summer camp programs for children in underserved communities, modeled from Chicago-based non-profit Camp Out for Kids.

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